Larmenier Catholic School operates a small farm and sustainable gardening program in which students, staff and parents are partners in caring for the animals and the gardens.

Each class participates in a much anticipated ‘Farm Day’ every term. During these days, children are engaged in caring for the school crops and gardens, looking after the school animals, and improving our school environment through a range of science investigations and social action programs. Children cook their own morning tea and lunch for each Farm Day and the meal is shared by the whole class in a formal dining experience.

A range of school pets are cared for by the students and these pets are especially popular ‘playmates’ during daily break times. Children take on the daily responsibility for caring for the animals and many of our animals have been lovingly hand reared by children at Larmenier.

Our vegetable gardens provide students with the skills to grow and nurture plants and a practical, hands-on horticultural experience. Vegetables and eggs from the farm provide a basis for class cooking in our kitchen.

Our Kitchen Program produces a wide variety of foods and students enjoy cooking this produce and eating the food they cook. Shared meals also present an opportunity to talk to students about the importance of healthy nourishment and promote the enjoyment found in time spent sitting together and eating.

The farm program has on emphasis on sustainability. It is also used to build knowledge and skills from a range of Australian Curriculum areas.