IMG_1741.jpgStudents at Larmenier are engaged in a wide range of leadership opportunities.

The unique offering of our school farm provides children with the experience of caring for our animals, crops and school environment, thus developing children’s skills as environmental stewards of the future.

As students progress through Primary School they are given opportunities to be reading buddies for younger children, lead school assemblies and plan and participate in fundraising efforts for worthy causes.  Older children also lead sports activities and lunch time clubs for a wide variety of interest groups.

Larmenier students are long standing supporters of St Vincent de Paul and offer a Mini-Vinnies group which students can join. This group works tirelessly to raise money to support members of the Launceston community who are in need. 

Larmenier also offers a ‘Community Group’ who visit the Mt Esk nursing home and provide support and companionship for the elderly.  Children are often at Mt Esk, which is located next door to the school, and can be found chatting to residents, reading with them or taking our school pets and animals to the nursing home for a visit. These interactions are highly valued by both our school children and the elderly. (Suspended due to COVID)


Mini Vinnies

Our students display commitment to serving others through the Mini Vinnies program which operates at Larmenier Catholic School.

Mini Vinnies is a school-based program which supports the mission of the Society of St Vincent de Paul. Our students engage in a range of fundraising and service orientated activities to support those who are less fortunate.  The Mini Vinnies groups involve the whole school in their initiatives and are a great support of the St Vincent de Paul charity.

Instrumental ProgramIMG_2171.JPG

The St Patrick’s College Instrumental program operates within the School enabling interested students to be active participants in music programs outside of regular class music. Students may elect to learn brass, string or percussion instruments, and further opportunities exist for Year Six students to join the St Patrick’s Band during Term Four.

For more details please visit the St Patrick's College website.


Tennis lessons are available through Carswell Coaching. These are conducted during recess on Fridays. For more information phone Matthew on 0417 390 261.