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The archives of Larmenier School are small. Any contributions would be very much appreciated.


The whole school - First day of 1961

This photo was taken on the first day of the school year for 1961.  

The whole school (35 students) are standing on the front steps of the school with the Prep and Grade 1 classrooms behind them.

The assembly square is in front of them.


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the original school uniforms

"Mother Donatus was the Superior General instrumental in getting the school started and she wanted to know what the uniform was like.

Originally the uniforms were made in a small uniform shop run by Mrs Waldren (Lyn Waldren’s –student-grandmother) and she dressed the dolls.  They were to be sent to Camberwell but 1964 was the year Mother Donatus went out of office and they were never sent to London."  Unfortunately it is unsure where they ended up.                                  (information from Miss Sheehan – teacher)


We don't have many items of the original school uniform. 

 If you can help us we would appreciate it.

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